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MultiTEC Plasma


  • MultiTec Plasma Families are a film supplying technology for waste disposal (gasification) and facility plant. We are stressing management philosophy of building an affluent future where life of man and nature are respected and, society and whole man kind are one in such effort.
  • The founders of MultiTec Plasma LLC have been engaged in research and development of waste disposal technology (plasma gasification technology) for over 30 years, Beginning in times of energy crisis, plasma technology is even more applicable today for preservation and improvement of our earth's environment. For three decades many more runs like our early test have been repeated with great success in countried like USA, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China, etc. The technology has been commercialized in various forms including garbage disposal, asbestos disposal, and incinerator ash disposal. Plasma Technology shows great promise for new applications like petroleum waste disposal and energy recovery, civil engineering applications stabilization of polluted soils, and volume reduction of low-level radioactive wastes.
  • MultiTEC Plasma Korea possesses all the exclusive right in Asia for all the skills, patent and trademark rights of MultiTec Plasma LLC and a headquarters in Asia for MultiTec.
  • We have founded R&D facility and under took joint research and development of Plasma Pyrolysis & Vitrification (PPV) technology. We will do our best to be reborn ad a world-class environmental enterprise and to supply PPV, the next generation waste disposal process, around the world.

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